LANCO Aménagement inc. started out more than 14 years ago as a general landscaping firm, mostly active on the municipal market, building parks and working on other related projects. Among these, many contracts involved the building of sports installations. In order to limit having to sub-contract these parts of it's jobs, the company founded a division to establish and develop an expertise specific to sportsturf construction and maintenance.

This was the start of a development process which has permeated the whole of the company's operations. Sportsturf construction and renovation eventually led to developing special tools and techniques adapted to the specific needs of the golf industry, which in turn affected the way we now conduct all our landscaping work.

LANCO AMENAGEMENT INC. now offers US managers and superintendents slit drainage for their courses and sportsfields.


LANCO is a division of LANCO AMENAGEMENT INC. devoted exclusively to Golf course and Sportsfield drainage. LANCO promotes slit drainage as an innovative and cost effective solution to turfgrass drainage problems.

LANCO offers US Golf courses drainage solutions. These solutions follow from many years of practical experience coupled with constant research and development in the field of golf course and sportsfield construction and drainage.

The services put together by LANCO are designed to be a one-stop drainage provider, where designers, superintendents as well as construction contractors can find all the answers to their questions and solutions to their various problems.


The design team

The importance of drainage planning must not be underestimated. Proper selection and design of the type of drainage system is essential for the effective treatment of each individual drainage problem.

Also, when addressing specific drainage problems, it is often important to tie these into the site's overall drainage scheme, so that the solution to one problem does not turn into a problem elsewhere.

LANCO has secured the services of Consulting Engineering firm specializing in drainage engineering for Golf courses since 1985. This firm has developed a comprehensive drainage design process which allows Golf Clubs to identify their needs and plan drainage work and costs. Furthermore, they have acquired over the years a great understanding of the different applications of Slit Drainage as applied in the golf environment.

The drainage team

The LANCO drainage team has been active in sportsturf drainage for more than 13 years. Their first slit drained sportsfield was built in 1985 and is still operating effectively today.

Slit drainage in golf courses evolved from sportsfield applications. Over the years, as demand from golf courses grew and slit drainage proved itself to be both economical and practical, more and more attention was invested in finding ways to make slit drainage more effective and less disruptive for the existing grass surface. The work team, conducting the work on the field, was instrumental in diagnosing problems and proposing solutions.

LANCO'S three step / one pass system is the end product of our team's incessant efforts to increase productivity and quality, so that they could be in and out in as little time as possible, minimizing disruption to the course and the players.


LANCO considers Slit Drainage to be a cutting-edge tool in turfgrass management, offering unique and elegant solutions to many problems plaguing turf surfaces everywhere.

In offering Both Design and actual drainage implementation, LANCO ensures that each individual action ties into a broader drainage scenario.

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