In golf courses, ponds and lakes have more than an aesthetic function. They are an integral and important part of the irrigation and drainage systems. They serve as reserves of water which will be used for irrigation purposes as well as storing facilities for water which has been collected by the course's drainage systems, all this in a conservation frame of mind.

Pond and lake construction are major landscaping projects in a golf course environment, especially if they are done in an existing course where adjoining landscaped surfaces must be preserved. Great quantities of excavated materials must be moved and the machinery used for this type of work in generally quite massive. The potential for site disruption is thus very great. LANCO's experience in landscaping and stabilization is put to the test when we are called upon to dig and shape golf course lakes and ponds. The whole process is planned and executed with two major objectives:
  • Preserving the existing site features and minimizing detrimental impacts on the landscape;
  • Harmonious integration of this new feature into the existing landscape.

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